Patient Reviews and Recommendations for Dr. Ritu Saini, MD

Patient reviewed on  July 22nd, 2015
It was extraordinary and total joy to meet Dr. Ritu Saini. Her assessment was exceptionally expert and her assistant was additionally more pleasant and obliging.
Patient reviewed on  May 18th, 2015
It was exceptionally lovely experience to have her administrations and I am simply holding up to visit to Dr. Ritu Saini once more.
Patient reviewed on  February 4th, 2015
Dr. Ritu is exceptionally kind, friendly and proficient. She is extremely receptive due to her great thoughts.
Patient reviewed on  January 10th, 2015
Dr. Saini was extremely proficient and respectful. She took the time to diagnose my issues. I would profoundly prescribe this specialist to everybody I know.
Patient reviewed on  December 28th, 2014
Dr Ritu Saini is the best dermatologist I have ever been to. She is proficient, educational and quiet. She has exceptionally decent bedside way, speedy conclusion.
Patient reviewed on  November 2nd, 2014
Dr Ritu saini is the best dermatologist I have ever been to. She is knowledgeable, informative and patient. She has very nice bedside manner, quick diagnosis.
Patient reviewed on  October 15th, 2014
Dr. Saini was very professional and courteous. She took the time to diagnose my problems. I would highly recommend this doctor to everyone I know.
Patient reviewed on  September 27th, 2014
Dr. Ritu is very merciful, personable and professional. She is very approachable because of her extreme thoughts.
Patient reviewed on  September 3rd, 2014
It was very pleasant experience to have her services and I am just waiting to visit to Dr. Ritu Saini again.
Patient reviewed on  August 10th, 2014
Dr. Ritu was very delightful and slightly quick to catch all the points.
Patient reviewed on  June 14th, 2014
It was outstanding and absolute pleasure to meet Dr. Ritu Saini. Her inspection was very professional and her assistant was also nicer and accommodating.