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4 Most Common Skincare Issues and the Doctors Who Treat Them

Your skin is by far the largest, and most important organ in your body. And no matter how healthy you might be, protecting your skin is vital to your overall health and wellness. Our skin is much more than just the first thing people see or a visual of our appearance – our skin acts as a protective layer, housing our organs and keeping them away from harmful dirt, debris and bacteria. And like most things that act as a protective shield, the skin tends to take a lot of damage in the process. The sun, the wind, the earth, bacteria, and pretty much everything else in the air, is constantly attacking your skin, dying to penetrate that outer layer, into your inner organs and bloodstream.

Taking on all these harmful airborne things can cause thousands of different skin issues, affecting not just your health, but your appearance as well. With all this scary talk about skin issues, there is a bright spot – most skin issues are quite common, and even more skin issues are treatable, with the help of good dermatologist. A dermatologist like Dr. Carol Huang of Long Island Dermatology specializes in a number of different skincare issues, both general and cosmetic. Now in keeping with the good news bad news motif, the problem lies in finding the right dermatologist to treat your specific issues, no matter how common they might be. So from Dr. Carol Huang here are 4 of the most common skincare issues in adult males and females.

  • Acne

    While most of us might think acne only affects us during our teens, it is by far the most common dermatological issue in the world, affecting over 25% of all adults in the US alone. Acne comes about as a result of clogged pores, from dirt, debris, bacteria, and dead skin cells – remember all that stuff we mentioned trying to penetrate your skin?! Dr. Carol Huang offers a number of different treatments to clear up acne, from topical creams, and lasers, to bacterial cleansers.

  • Age Spots, Discolorations, and Hyperpigmentation

    Generally these brown spots or marks appear along the face or body, as a result of aging and overexposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays. Over time melanocytes (cells that produce melanin and give our skin its color) get damaged, and begin to produce rampant, misplaced pigment. Generally Dr. Huang recommends patients use a combination of topical creams, laser treatments, and exfoliate their skin in order to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells.

  • Superficial Scars

    Scars can occur as a result of trauma or even other skin issues like acne. In some form these causes damage the skin’s vital compounds known as collagen and elastin. Generally the rule states that the older the scar, the less treatment will help it – however, for newer scars, laser treatments can often make them disappear completely! Collagen and elastin production slows drastically with age (causing unhealthy, wrinkled, damaged skin), so the older you are, the more likely you are to scar after trauma.

  • Spider Veins & Vascular Lesions

    Veins are essentially small pipes that manage our blood flow, pushing it forward and preventing it from flowing backwards. As you age, your veins weaken and blood starts to pool, causing them to bulge in certain areas – appearing blue from the outside. Sun damage, genes, and hormonal changes are major causes of this issue. In order to treat most vascular issues, Dr. Carol Huang prefers the use of lasers and a procedure known as sclerotherapy, you can learn more about that on your own.

This is where a service like DocChecker can really shine, once you identify the reason you need a dermatologist, you are ready to go! DocChecker offers users a highly intuitive search system, where prospective patients can choose from a long list of reasons as to why they need a dermatologist in the first place. Once you do this, the DocChecker results page will only show you dermatologists who offer treatment for that specific issue. This can help patients cut out a few annoying middle steps and truly get the treatment they want. Take for instance something extremely common like acne – a prospective patient would simply have to first identify that they are suffering acne issues. Then select dermatologist from the specialty field, once they do that DocChecker will now open up a thorough list of dermatology issues to choose from. The patient would then select acne as their reason for their visit, and bam – a list of qualified dermatologists who offer acne treatment, like Dr. Carol Huang will appear – and in close proximity to the user, as long as they are registered with their address. All it really takes is to identify your specific skincare issue. For instance, with spider veins, a treatment liked sclerotherapy is a perfect reason to add to your DocChecker search. To find the right dermatologist for you, check out today.