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The Hype Surrounding the BBL

With more and more women opting for surgical enhancement in 2018, the BBL has, by far, become one of the most popular and hyped procedures around. From Instagram celebrities and reality TV starlets, to the waitress at Applebee’s – women everywhere, from every walk of life, are looking to improve the look, feel, and shape of their backsides through the Brazilian butt lift. Never has a surgical procedure garnered the attention of so many “normal” people. For decades, plastic surgery in general was a bit of a taboo subject. Reserved exclusively for drunk whispers in the lady’s room of the bar, rather than the dinner table or the water cooler at work. Plastic surgery was almost exclusively for the rich and famous; and even then, it was always somewhat of a mystery – never would women dream of admitting to a single nip or tuck!

Yet in today’s fast paced world, driven by reality TV and gossip blogs, women are coming clean about their bodies and aren’t afraid to answer that age-old question, “Where’d you get your work done?!” But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, what exactly does a BBL or Brazilian butt lift procedure entail and is it truly worth the hype? Well let’s answer the latter first, in short…yes – the Brazilian butt lift is totally worth the hype it gets. One look at some of the results you see online, and woman are transforming their bodies completely – systematically creating curves where they were none before! the BBL or Brazilian butt lift procedure is in a group of surgical enhancement procedures known as a fat transfer. Just like it sounds, a fat transfer is combination procedure that begins with your doctor using liposuction to remove unwanted fat from one area of your body – most often the stomach area. This is partially what has led to the popularity of the procedure, as women are able to not only improve the size and shape of their backsides, but they can also remove that unwanted belly-fat that is often resistant to diet and exercise.

All together the combination of a reduced stomach and larger backside, offer a drastic improvement to a woman’s figure – creating sleek contours and breathtaking curves. The fat that is removed from the stomach (or other areas) is then spun and softened so that it can easily be molded and shaped. Then the fat is strategically injected into the backside – this is where the skill of the surgeon comes in very important, as they must have the eye and the perspective to know exactly where the best areas for the specific patient to receive the injections are. Depending on the placement of the fat, it can lead to different shape and contours. Of course, in post, the fat is then massaged into place to create a more even, natural level of enhancement.

In a way, the hype has both helped and hurt the reputation of the BBL procedure. While it has definitely become more famous, this means that far more doctors are attempting to perform this procedure – some are even unlicensed or untrained – looking to cut corners wherever they can. In order to find a quality surgeon, we often turn to tools like DocChecker, one of the internet’s most thorough physician directories. Users can search for physicians and providers for all types of healthcare, inputting the specific procedure or reason for your search. This is all too important, as the increase in the demand for Brazilian butt lifts, has brought every scammer out of the woodwork – offering basement or back-alley BBL’s at massive discounts. And with such unlicensed individuals performing illegal procedures there has been more than a few deaths as a result. Definitely a prime example of how the plastic surgery hype has become both a gift and a curse.

With countless plastic surgeons to choose from across NYC and unlicensed scammers running around, it is vital for users to use a tool like DocChecker. A simple DocChecker search leads us to the top name for the BBL NYC patients trust, Dr. Sergey Voskin, of Goals Plastic Surgery. Dr. Voskin or Dr. V as he is better known, and his team at Goals Plastic Surgery have been huge proponents of the Brazilian butt lift and have been a driving force in the transparency of the plastic surgery as a whole. Perusing his DocChecker profile, you can see Dr. Voskin is known around the aesthetic world for his prowess in sculpting and shaping the backsides of women across NYC – and the team at Goals Plastic Surgery isn’t afraid to show it! Whether you look through the content on their website, or you’re one of the 110,000+ that follow them on Instagram – you can see Goals Plastic Surgery is all about the BBL. And as one of the most successful and busiest plastic surgery practices in NYC, their word holds a lot of weight. The best thing about Dr. Voskin and his team at Goals Plastic Surgery is that they have done a lot to back up the hype, and pioneered advancements in technique, as well as safety for the Brazilian butt lift. Take one look at their Instagram before and after’s, and you can truly see what sets them apart from the competition. They offer quality enhancement, with the safety and customer service you expect from a top plastic surgery practice, as well as two, top-notch facilities across NYC. With professionals like Dr. Voskin and Goals Plastic Surgery leading the charge, we can only see the hype for the Brazilian butt lift growing from here, year over year. For more information about the BBL contact Goals Plastic Surgery today, or to find another qualified surgeon in your area, check out DocChecker and comb through a constantly expanding database of medical providers, in every area of healthcare.