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DocChecker Offers a Transparent Option for Those with State-Sponsored Healthcare

In the United States, the healthcare industry has always been a hot-button issue, with countless Americans simply unable to afford, or living without health insurance. In theory, health insurance is available for everyone – if you qualify, but those that often get shafted are the poor and the middle-class Americans. Many argue things like Medicare and Medicaid are available and with some extra paperwork everyone should be able to get it. While this is somewhat true, it isn’t as cut-and-dry as it may seem. For those who are middle-class and are working either part-time or jobs that aren’t the highest caliber are often left in a “grey zone”.

By the government’s somewhat misinformed standards, they simply make too much money to qualify for free or discounted health insurance, and simply can’t afford to pay for premium healthcare plans or coverage. And the jobs they are working simply don’t provide them with the health insurance coverage most full-time employers provide. They are simply left out in the cold, having to pay out of pocket for healthcare that is often sub-standard, and in many cases very poor. And in the off-chance they do get some type of fringe healthcare coverage, it is difficult to find doctors and medical professionals that take on their sub-standard plans. For these individuals, using a site like DocChecker can help them better their situation by a lot. DocChecker is one of the newest, and most revolutionary online services available for both doctors and prospective patients.

Using DocChecker patients will be able to search through thousands of the countries most elite physicians, by accepted healthcare plans and coverage. This is an important tool, as most competitors to DocChecker simply aren’t as transparent with such information and it will save the patient countless hours of calling and contacting the offices of these doctors to find out if they take their subsidized insurance plan or not.

The other group that is hurt most by the country’s health insurance woes is definitely the poor and those who are out of work. By the US’ skewed standards, these individuals generally will qualify for free or heavily discounted, subsidized health insurance coverage. However, these Medicare and Medicaid plans, albeit free, are some of the worst health insurance plans around. Not only is the cost heavily subsidized but so is the level of care. These patients are often forced to choose from the worst clinics, and offices the state has to offer.

Of course, as with most industries, the medical field is all about money. And for most doctors, there is little money to be made with accepting Medicare HMO’s and health coverage. Therefore, often the worst medical professionals are the only ones you can find who accept these plans. Otherwise they are often inexperienced, or their licenses have been tainted in some way – often due to heavy malpractice, or poor patient care habits. Of course this isn’t always the case, and there are some good doctors out there who do accept Medicare – however, they can be difficult to find and rarely are they listed with your specific HMO. Again, these patients will benefit heavily from using DocChecker to find the top doctors or medical professionals that accept these state-sponsored healthcare plans. DocChecker lists more health insurance plans than any of its competitors, including popular services like ZocDoc, and the best part is that you can get access to this information for free! With such an unheard-of level of transparency, many are switching over to DocChecker. One of the biggest benefits is that it allows you to search through physicians by their specialty. For those with free or subsidized healthcare, most often specialty care is the hardest to find. Specialists can generally charge a premium for their services and this deters many from accepting Medicare – but not all of them. And using DocChecker, Medicare patients can easily find these specialists – contacting their offices or booking appointments right from the comfort of their own home!

While the US healthcare industry leaves much to be desired, hopefully things improve. Many European countries, and even our neighbors to the north, Canada, offer universal healthcare. And while it may not match the level of care of private healthcare, it is still far better, more widely accepted, and far more accessible than what we have in the US currently. Until then, services like DocChecker will continue to bridge the gap, and connect prospective patients with the best doctors that will see and treat them. For more information on how DocChecker can help you, or to sign up to become a member of DocChecker, visit them online at