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Dr. Marina Pinkhasova, DDS - Sleep Apnea Snoring

How Your Dentist Can Help You to Stop Snoring

Snoring is one of the most common issues amongst both men and women. With approximately 40% of all adults in the US suffering from snoring, there are a number of different myths and old wives’ tales surrounding treatment methods. Despite the gross misinformation, snoring is actually caused as a result of a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous sleep disorder in which patients will repeatedly stop breathing during the night, and one of the most common side effects associated with this nocturnal breathing disorder is snoring.

This breathing issue occurs most often as a result of the muscles in the back of your throat relaxing. The purpose of these muscles is to support the soft palate of your throat known as the uvula, in addition to the tonsils, the walls of the throat, and the tongue. This shows that despite sleep apnea, and essentially snoring, being a sleep condition, its root cause has to do mainly with the mouth and oral muscles. This is where a dentist comes in, but not just any dentist, one who specializes in sleep apnea treatment! With so little truly known about sleep apnea, it makes it just as hard to find a dentist who specializes in sleep apnea treatment – however, using a tool like DocChecker patients from all over the city will be able to find the services of precisely the specialist they need! For instance, Dr. Marina Pinkhasova or Affordable Dental in Rego Park, is one of NYC’s foremost dentists specializing in sleep apnea treatment. In order for patients to find Dr. Pinkhasova DocChecker has played an integral role.

Once patients identify their snoring issues, and understand that a dentist is the best person to look to for treatment, they simply visit the DocChecker site and begin their search. If a patient were to be looking for a dentist like Dr. Marina Pinkhasova in order to treat their sleep apnea issues, they would simply choose Dentist, as their Specialty, and under Reason they can scroll down to Snoring. Once they do this, DocChecker will return a list of dentists who treat snoring and sleep apnea. DocChecker was built to make life easier on both doctors and patients, that’s why it lists both snoring and sleep apnea as reasons for your visit. This allows more patients who may not be aware of the term sleep apnea, to find you.

Once you have found the dentist of your choice, here comes the easy part, the treatment. At a practice like Affordable Dental Care, Dr. Marina Pinkhasova are experts in the field of sleep apnea and snoring. Dr. Pinkhasova and her staff are partial to the use of oral mouthguards, which are worn by patients at night. These oral mouthguards or nightguards as they are also called, are custom-fit to the patient’s mouth. The guard of choice is the SomnoDent Flex – because it is made from specially designed flexible material it provides patients with comfort few can match. The purpose of the mouthguard is to open up the airways, and sift the muscles within the throat in such a way that air is able to pass through unadulterated. Allowing air to flow properly is paramount in the treatment of sleep apnea, as that is the main reason snoring occurs and breathing stops. The mouthguard will hold your muscles in place, allowing air to flow, snoring to stop, and do it in a way that is comfortable for the patient. So if you or your partner are suffering from loud, disturbing snoring – be sure to find Dr. Marina Pinkhasova and other sleep apnea dentists like her, on DocChecker today.