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Tips for Choosing the Right Dentist with DocChecker

Dental care is often a tricky subject, as many of us don’t see the dentist nearly enough! For some, they think brushing and flossing alone are enough to ensure proper health of their teeth and gums – this couldn’t be further from the truth! Regular dental checkups are a vital part of proper oral health and even offer a number of different overall health benefits, including the prevention of heart attack and stroke. The fact is that, for most, a trip to the dentist is more of a chore than anything else, something to dread and attempt to avoid. However, the right dentist can make any appointment an enjoyable experience – but unlike other areas of medical care, a quality dentist can be difficult to find and a lack of services and outlets for find that dentist means most people simply go without.

All that is now a thing of the past! A breakthrough, new service known as DocChecker offers prospective patients the perfect platform to match them with the best dentist specific to their very needs. DocChecker is a revolutionary, online database for all types of medical professionals, including doctors, dentists, and all types of specialists. The beauty of a service like DocChecker lies in its intuitive search capabilities and its informative, transparent physician profiles – providing you with all the vital information you need to make an educated, informed decision about your medical care.

One of the biggest hurdles with finding the right dentist for you seems to lie in the type of dentist you need as well as the specialty procedures they offer. With DocChecker you can not only search for dentists by location, as with other similar services, but you are able to filter your searches by the specific reasoning for your visit. Considering that most dentists are highly specialized in their care – with some focusing only on general dentistry and not offering a wide range of services such as TMJ treatment, or cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers, or even certain types of caps/crowns. With DocChecker you simply select the specific reasoning for your visit, and your results on filtered, showing you only the dentists who list that specific reasoning as a specialty or offered service.

Another issue that individuals often face when trying to find a dentist is with their insurance plan. For most people, whether they get health insurance through their employer, the state, or purchase it privately – dental insurance is generally a separate part of their plan. And the situation often arises that you may find the perfect dentist, at the perfect location, offering the procedures you need, only to find out they don’t accept your insurance, or maybe they accept your carrier, but not your specific plan. Yes, this is as confusing as it sounds, and this is the reason many are forced to start their search all over again. This is also a major reason people simply avoid the trip all together. Again, DocChecker has found a simple solution. In addition to selecting the reason for your visit, during your initial search, DocChecker allows you to filter your results by your insurance and your specific plan. This ensures that every dentist you are choosing from, is someone who not only offers the specific type of care you need, but also accepts the specific type of insurance you are enrolled in.

Once you complete your search and are left with a set of dentists to choose from, here is where DocChecker can truly shine. Each DocChecker physician profile is loaded with important information about both the doctor/dentist and the practice. While some competing services, prevent the user from viewing vital information like the phone number, address of any reviews, DocChecker provides you with all this information as a free, unregistered user. Sift through real reviews, from real patients and get a taste of what your experience may be like. Or have a specific question? Use the phone number to call or the built-in contact box to leave a message or ask a question – with only a few strokes of your keyboard. After you’ve done your homework on each dentist that fits your needs, a few are bound to rise to the top – its time to book an appointment. Now you can always call the office and do things the old-fashioned way or use DocChecker to its maximum potential and become a registered user. As a member of the platform, you gain access to easy-to-use, online appointment booking capabilities. Simply check their schedule and find the opening that best suits our schedule and book the appointment. Once you do this you’ll receive an email alerting you with any important information and a message from the practice themselves, confirming your appointment. If you or your doctor suddenly decide that appointment doesn’t work, the appointment may be cancelled or rescheduled by either party – either way DocChecker is quick to update you on anything and everything that is going on with your appointment and your practice.

As much as we avoid the hurdles associated with dental care, it is a vital part of our overall health and wellness. And with a service like DocChecker there’s no longer any excuse to prioritize your oral health. For more information about DocChecker or to become a registered member and begin using this amazing platform, visit today.