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Everything You Need to Know About Your Balloon Sinuplasty

When it comes to chronic sinus issues, they are for more common than you might think. With a large portion of the world suffering from allergies and chronic sinus infections, procedures like a balloon sinuplasty have gained tremendous popularity, helping a number of patients find long-term relief from their symptoms. Chronic sinus infections and sinusitis symptoms are truly nothing to sneeze at! In years past those suffering from chronic sinus issues would often be left to suffer or go through a parade of prescription and non-prescription drugs, until by chance something might have worked. However, as the years go on and the medical world advances, new procedures like the balloon sinuplasty allow these same patients to find new, lifelong relief. When you ask an expert like Dr. Dwayne Rollins, considered the top allergy specialist Queens has to offer, the balloon sinuplasty has revolutionized the way sinus patients are treated – Dr. Rollins performs a number of them each day! Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, what exactly is a balloon sinuplasty and how does it work? We asked the top allergy specialist Queens has in practice, Dr. Dwayne Rollins for some key information on the life-changing procedure.

The balloon sinuplasty is one of the newest and most advanced sinus procedures and makes use of an actual balloon placed within the affected area of the sinuses. The balloon is then inflated with air, and as the balloon inflates it presses against the walls of the sinuses, helping to widen the airways for the patient – freeing them of any previous obstruction. Once the airways are fully opened, Dr. Rollins will then spray a saline solution within the walls of the sinuses – this will help to flush out the harmful bacteria. This procedure is fairly quick, especially when compared to other sinuplasty procedures – it can be completed within an hour or less – with results that are far better than that of any competing procedure.

While this procedure might be fairly fast and efficient it is known as an advanced sinus technique, and can be quite complex, even for the top allergy specialist Queens has in practice, Dr. Dwayne Rollins. Considering this, and the fact that the procedure is new, it may not be offered by every allergy specialist – so we advise you do to do your research when looking for an allergy specialist Queens has quite a few to navigate through. Using an online service like DocChecker can help prospective patients narrow their search quite a bit. DocChecker uses a highly intuitive search platform, which allows users to not only select the specialty within which they are searching, but also select a reasoning for their appointment and what they are looking for. This DocChecker feature is tremendously valuable as patients can select allergy specialist and within that category, they can select balloon sinuplasty as the reason. This will ensure that DocChecker only provides them with a list of providers that offer the balloon sinuplasty procedure. As the top allergy specialist Queens patients have grown to trust, Dr. Rollins is able connect with a completely new brand of patient using a platform like DocChecker.

The balloon sinuplasty offers a wide variety of benefits over traditional sinuplasty treatments – allowing sinus patients a brand-new lease on life, without the need to suffer from the dysfunction associated with sinus problems and sinusitis. Some of the most important benefits of the balloon sinuplasty procedure include:

Convenience The balloon sinuplasty procedure is by far the fastest and most efficient means of achieving with chronic sinus infection relief and can be completed in under an hour – within the confines of your allergy specialist’s clinic. Dr. Rollins’ patients love the fact that they don’t have to go under the knife and can have the procedure done fast and outpatient.

Safer & Less Invasive With the balloon sinuplasty procedure, there is no cutting into the skin involved and therefor it is considered to be minimally-invasive. In addition, there are little to no side effects or danger to the patient as the use of a balloon can assist in safely opening up a number of valves and airways throughout the body, including different arteries.

Fast Recovery Time Unlike other more invasive surgical procedures, the balloon sinuplasty is much less invasive and therefore does not require a long recovery time. Most patients are relatively fine immediately after, and after a day or two can return to normal activities 100% unencumbered.

Amazing Results As the top allergy specialist Queens has in practice, Dr. Rollins performs quite a few balloon sinuplasty procedures on even a daily basis – and his patients are grateful! The procedure is leaps and bounds more effective than traditional sinuplasty procedures, stats show that over 95% of patients experience significant improvements to their sinuses and their quality of life overall. Allergy specialists NYC and beyond are also looking to improve the procedure over the coming years, as technology improves over time.

For more information on scheduling your balloon sinuplasty Queen allergy specialist, Dr. Dwayne Rollins is here for you. And to find more allergy specialists in your area, check out DocChecker today.