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DocChecker - 4 Tips for Finding the Right Dermatologist

Dermatology is one of the most important facets of medicine. While it is often ignored, dermatology focuses on the treatment of the body’s largest – and what some say is the most important organ, the skin. Recent surveys indicate that one of the biggest impediments to dermatological care is the fact that often patients have difficulty finding a dermatologist that they trust – one who is able to properly diagnose and treat their specific issues in a way that is to their liking. And with a recent spur in the aesthetic skincare industry, and the cash payouts doctors are receiving from non-covered (health insurance wise) cosmetic treatments – more and more individuals are entering into the field that ever before. This makes it difficult for patients to distinguish the good dermatologists from the bad. As the phrase often goes, “when you’ve got too many options, you actually don’t have any at all”.

To help with such dilemmas patients are turning to a service like DocChecker – one of the most thorough physician databases to come about in some time. Using DocChecker patients are able to search through thousands of the country’s most qualified doctors, including dermatologists. However, unlike other competitive services, DocChecker allows users to search based on their specific needs – for instance, if you were to be in the need for a doctor who offers cosmetic dermal filler treatments, you could list that as a reason and find only the dermatologists who offer that. Or if you needed a dermatologist who treated nail fungus – you could filter your searches for that as well. Being able to narrow the search and find only those who could fit your specific needs will save you valuable time that could go to your treatment. In addition, there are a number of other valuable tools to help you in your search. And while you are on the hunt for the derm of your dreams, here are a few helpful tips that will ensure you find the one for you.

  • Know What Type of Dermatologist You Need
    As we just stated, narrowing your search by your specific needs can go a long way. With such a growing aesthetics industry, many dermatologists are concentrating specifically on cosmetic treatments – because that’s where the money is at these days. Using DocChecker you can easily focus your search on the type of derm, whether you need general treatment for rashes, acne, and moles, or cosmetic help for wrinkles, hair loss, and signs of aging.
  • Read Their Bio
    Often, when you want to learn about doctor the easiest thing to do is to read their bios. While these are often written by them, and may hold a bit of a bias, some things simply can’t be faked. On DocChecker each physician’s profile offers a complete and thorough bio, listing their practice focus, treatments they specialize in, and certifications they might hold. With such informative profiles, DocChecker offers a “one-stop-shop” for almost everything you need on your physician of choice.
  • Location
    When you are looking for a doctor of any kind, DocChecker is your resource, but it won’t take the place of poor decision making. One common mistake many individuals make is to find a doctor who might be over 20, 30, or even an hour away from their home! And while many of us have no problem traveling for our healthcare, and these trips are fine for specialty visits on occasion. But problems will arise in the event you have to visit them often, even twice in a month. Statistics show that patients are far more as likely to cancel an appointment for every additional 5 minutes it takes to get to a doctor.
  • Ask Questions
    Once you’ve used a service like DocChecker to narrow the field of choices, and weed out the dermatologists that aren’t for you, its time to take the next step and make contact. This is where DocChecker also shines, as calling every doctor on your list and asking their front desk person a host of questions is bound to give you and every one of them a headache – DocChecker offers an area to contact doctors’ practices directly without having to pick up the phone at all. You can either get a response to a question or book a consultation on the spot – regardless of what you want, it is all possible online from the comfort of your home.

Finding the right dermatologist in today’s world can be a difficult task. But doing your homework and using valuable tools like DocChecker can streamline the process completely. For more information on DocChecker or to sign up and become a member, visit today.