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4 Common Reasons for Foot Problems and How to Find the Podiatrist to Treat Them

When it comes to the subject of podiatry, most, if not all of us are severely misguided. While the field of podiatric medicine, and the science of foot pain treatment overall is a mystery, these issues are far more common than you might think. Achilles tendonitis, bone spurs, flatfeet, and hammer toe are just a few of the more common issues patient suffer from – and once you know what to look for, finding treatment is as easy as it gets! Using a service like DocChecker prospective patients are able to connect with the RIGHT medical professionals for their specific needs. And DocChecker comes in way more handy when it comes to lesser-known issues and fields of medicine like podiatry. For instance, the top podiatrist Queens has in practice, Dr. Barry Katzman uses DocChecker to not only field inquiries from serious patients, but it offers a means of educating prospective patients as well. Equipped with a transparent DocChecker profile, and its built-in contact form, Dr. Barry Katzman is able to inform patients of important practice information, answer questions, book appointments, and even outline accepted insurances.

In a field like podiatry, identifying your root cause of concern is the best way to connect with a qualified podiatrist like Dr. Barry Katzman. Once you can accurately discern what exactly bothering you, simply select it from a long list of foot issues using the REASON FOR YOUR VISIT tab, available on all DocChecker physician searches. Here are 4 of the most common reasons for foot problems.

  • Athlete's Foot

    Probably the most notable item on any list of foot concerns, athlete’s foot is everyone, not just athletes! Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that usually begins in the area underneath, and between the toes. It is highly contagious, and most us catch it from walking around gyms and locker rooms without proper footwear or those who’s feet are very sweaty and being cramped in tight fitting shoes. Look out for painful skin, red, scaly rashes, dryness, peeling, and blisters near the toes. Your feet will be extremely itchy as well.

  • Hammertoe

    Hammertoe is a podiatric issue in which patients experience an abnormal bend in the middle joint of their toes. Dr. Barry Katzman likens it to looking at crushed feet, and it is usually caused by wearing shoes that are too small, high heels, or shoes with narrow toe boxes. Most often it affects the toe immediately next to your ‘big toe’. Patients will most likely experience symptoms such as, pain in the toes, difficulty moving the toes, corns, swelling, stiff toe joints, and even physical deformities!

  • Plantar Fasciitis

    Through DocChecker this is likely the most common foot issue treated by Dr. Barry Katzman, as it is common in New Yorkers, because they tend to walk a lot. It is defined by inflammation of the thick band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes. Patients will often feel an almost stabbing pain along the heel, usually worse in the morning. Some patients may have difficulty walking properly, without pain, severe swelling, and the tissue is usually quite tender.

  • Nail Fungus

    A bit similar to athlete’s foot, in that it is a fungal infection, however nail fungus is concentrated on the nails only. And if you are not careful, and don’t seek treatment, the fungus can easily spread to other parts of the foot and even your body. Nail fungus usually causes thickened, crumbly nails, that are quite brittle and will begin to turn yellow in color. For most, it isn’t too painful, but the fungus itself is gross and if left untreated can deteriorate your toenails and even begin to smell bad.

Foot issues are far too common not to educate yourself a bit on them. And make sure that when and if you begin to suffer from any foot issues, use a service like DocChecker to find a quality podiatrist, like Dr. Barry Katzman, to treat your foot issues.