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Dr. Bella Normatov - Dentist Rego Park

Choosing a Dentist to Perform Specialty Procedures

Regardless of your age, a trip to the dentist can be a stressful time for anyone. Studies have shown that over 60% of the adults in the US aren’t getting the proper dental care. This can mean a number of different things, like avoiding bi-annual checkups, not following the recommendations of their dentist, or, as is the case with many of us, not going to the dentist at all! The fear of the dentist is something that often starts early in our youth and continues on into adulthood. The problem with dental care in the US is that most individuals don’t have a strong relationship with their dentists or they simply haven’t taken the time required to find one they are comfortable with.

Dr. Bella Normatov, DDS, a dentist in the Rego Park neighborhood of Queens, finds that many of her new patients have gone years since their last dental exam and some haven’t been at all! Using a tool like DocChecker where Dr. Bella Normatov has listed her practice, prospective patients are able to get vital information and do the homework they need to make an educated decision in regard to their dental care, especially when it comes to needing specialized care or procedures like a root canal. This is where a tool like DocChecker truly shines, and dentists like Dr. Bella Normatov are able to obtain the majority of their loyal, consistent patients. DocChecker allows patients to not only find doctors or dentists in their area, but they are also able to search by crucial factors like the reasoning for their visit. This can save patients valuable time and effort, as many dentists do not offer certain aspects of care or certain procedures, while others do. By searching in this manner, you eliminate the dentists that don’t offer the care you need and can now choose between the ones that do. Another crucial factor with dental care comes down to insurance issues.

With healthcare coverage being such a hot button topic in our country, dental care often falls by the waste-side. In her practice, Soft Touch Dental, Dr. Bella Normatov often has issues with prospective patients not having an accepted insurance carrier. However, using DocChecker prospective patients input their insurance carrier into the search as they are looking for dentists – ensuring that the search only yields them practices that accept their insurance, again a huge time saver for most. Using these two simple tools, we were able to not only cut down on the time it takes to find a dentist but also ensure that it’s the RIGHT dentist – offering the care we need and that takes our insurance! When it comes to dental care no ones wants to pay out of pocket – especially when it comes to more costly procedures like root canals and sleep dentistry. So whether you are looking for a dentist to perform your first root canal, a doctor to help with your skincare issues, or just looking to refresh a few aspects of your healthcare, give DocChecker a try today.