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Professional Statement

  • Dr. Jane Auriemmo is an accomplished audiologist providing unsurpassed hearing healthcare - including hearing evaluation, hearing device fitting, and auditory processing testing - for adults and children in the tri-state area. Dr. Auriemmo is fluent in the latest digital technology and skilled at determining just the right solution to meet your unique hearing needs or that of your child. Prior to joining the Center for Hearing and Communication in 2011, Auriemmo was a researcher responsible for several highly regarded papers in the field including, Development of Speech and Language in Children Using Hearing Aids.
  • For her undergraduate degree, Dr. Auriemmo attended Queens College of the City University of New York, where she graduated magna cum laude. She continued her education with a master’s degree at Hunter College of the City University of New York. She completed a specialized Au.D. at the Arizona School of Health Sciences.
  • Dr. Auriemmo is affiliated with a number of professional associations, including the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, the New York State Education Department, and the American Academy of Audiology.

Education & Training

  • A. T. Still University, Arizona
  • City University of New York, Hunter College (Master’s)
  • City University of New York, Queens College (Bachelor’s)

Awards and Publications

  • Auriemmo, J., Stenger, P. (2010). Speech and Language of Children Using Hearing Aids with Adaptive Directional and Noise Reduction Features. Perspectives on School-Based Issues, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association,
  • Kuk, F., Keenan, D., Auriemmo, J., Korhonen, P., Peeters, H., Lau, C., Crose, B. (2010). Interpreting the efficacy of frequency-lowering algorithms. Hearing Journal.
  • Auriemmo, J., Kuk, F., Lau, C., Kelly Dornan, B., Sweeton, S., Marshall, S., Pikora, M., Quick, D., Thiele, N., Stenger, P. (2009). Efficacy of an Adaptive Directional Microphone and a Noise Reduction System for School-Aged Children. Journal of Educational Audiology
  • Auriemmo, J., Kuk, F., Lau, C, Marshall, S, Thiele, N, Pikora, M, Quick, D, Stenger, P (2009). Effect of Linear Frequency Transposition on Speech Recognition and Production of School-Age Children. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology.
  • Kuk, F, Keenan, D, Auriemmo, J, Korhonen, P. (2009). Re-evaluating the Efficacy of Frequency Transposition, ASHA Leader.,
  • Auriemmo, J, Kuk, F, Stenger, P. (2008). Criteria for Evaluating the Performance of Linear Frequency Transposition in Children. Hearing Journal.
  • Kuk, F, Keenan, D, Peeters, H, Korhonen, P, Auriemmo, J. (2008) 12 Lessons Learned About Linear Frequency Transposition. Hearing Review. Auriemmo, J, Lau, C, Kuk, F. Language Progress of Children Using Advanced Hearing Aids : A multisite clinical research project report. (2007). Hearing Review..
  • Auriemmo, J., Keenan, D, Passerieux, D., and Kuk, F. (2005). A Three Step Procedure to Assess FM Transparency and FM/HA Ratio with Digital Hearing Aids. Hearing Journal.
  • Auriemmo, J., Nielsen, K, Kuk, F. (2003). Using DSP to Screen Hearing Aid Component Problems. Hearing Review.

Language Spoken

  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish