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Professional Statement

  • Darlenzy Darbouze is a dedicated, licensed physical therapist based in New York, NY. Dr. Darbouze earned his doctorate in physical therapy from the Touro College in New York City.
  • Before completing his medical training in physical therapy, Dr. Darbouze was a personal trainer at a New York City gym, where he educated clients on weight management and conducted individual training in pilates, resistive training, and kung fu aerobics.
  • Presently, Dr. Darbouze offers many services as a physical therapist including mobility therapy, heart and lung strengthening, therapeutic exercise, and pediatric physical therapy. He has also seen patients with a myriad of illness, such as scoliosis, spondylolysis, and herniated disks.
  • Dr. Darbouze is uncompromising in his dedication to the wellbeing of his patients. He is committed to providing the best comprehensive care to them.
  • Please make sure to print out, complete and bring all forms to the office. Some pages need to be filled out manually instead of electronically. Thank you.

Education & Training

  • Touro College, New York

Language Spoken

  • English