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DocChecker - Botox Treatment

5 Things to Know About Botox

We’ve all heard the name before, Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments from the last 20 years. While it’s definitely quite famous, some would deem it infamous in the way that much of pop culture seems to reference Botox for its negative qualities. However, when used correctly, Botox is a bit of a wunderkind in the aesthetic enhancement field. Its been able to tackle wrinkles, fine lines, and expression lines for men and women, providing them with the smooth, blemish-free skin they’ve always wanted. One issue with Botox is the people that seem to use it without having the proper qualifications, and with this improper use, or overuse, comes the negative effects – the loss of expression, or the permanent smile, the flat forehead and everything else. Before you even consider a Botox treatment, its important to find a reputable doctor or medical esthetician to perform that Botox treatment. Using a service like DocChecker you can find the medical professional you need to get you procedure done right. DocChecker allows you to search for doctors within specific fields that offer specific services, like Botox treatment. Simply put in the type of doctor, in this case a dermatologist or aesthetic physician, then the service, Botox and DocChecker brings you a thorough list of professionals to choose from. Once you have found the right, reputable, medical professional to perform the Botox treatment, you can now undergo your procedure worry-free.

Botox is An Actual Neurotoxin

A Botox treatment uses an actual neurotoxin known as the botulinum-A toxin,which is found in the bacteria Clostridium botulinum – the same toxin that causes botulism. In essence, this is how it works, it is diluted and injected into your muscles within your face to block certain facial expressions, by temporarily paralyzing the muscle.

You Don’t Have to Be 'Old'

While it might be popular amongst the old, wealthy, upper-class grandmas, in the movies, Botox is used by anyone and everyone. Many men use it, and even people in their 20’s. It all depends on the concentration in which you choose to use it, use a lot for more wrinkles, use less for softer lines.

You Won’t Lose Your Expression

While Botox haters believe it prevents you from smiling or scowling, the truth is, in the correct concentrations, it is totally fine. While it does cause temporary paralysis, this is slight, and will only slightly limit the amount of movement in the facial muscles. If you overuse it however, there will be a lot of expression issues – so be careful.

Not All Wrinkles Are Botox Wrinkles

A Botox treatment will not remove all your wrinkles, it is designed to remove the wrinkles that are caused by facial expressions and certain facial muscles. The other wrinkles are called static wrinkles, these are simply a result of aging and facial volume loss – to get rid of these you need to use a facial filler like Juvéderm.

Many Sessions Might Be Needed

I know we said not to overdo it but, for some, more stubborn wrinkles, you may need more than one session of Botox. But make sure to stick with one doctor, who knows your dose and how much you were given last time. Also, you will likely want to repeat sessions every 3-6, maybe even 8 months if you’re really lucky. As the effects will usually wear off well before that time.

Find the right Botox treatment doctor for you using DocChecker. And before your next Botox appointment give some thought to how you wanna look in the end and tell your esthetician, understanding your face and how YOUR wrinkles come in pays off a lot in terms of wrinkle relief.