Patient Reviews and Recommendations for Dr. Kentia Jean-Charles, DC

Patient reviewed on  June 2nd, 2016
Dr. Kentia Jean-Charles is very patient, caring and attentive. She is simply the best!
Patient reviewed on  January 31st, 2016
she is so caring. Always room to be better.
Patient reviewed on  January 12th, 2016
Dr. Kentia's treatments really helped relieve the pain I was feeling. She has listened to my concerns and addresses the issues I have.
Patient reviewed on  December 19th, 2015
I have had several appointments with Dr. Kentia and my back pain has very much improved with this and some lifestyle changes. Would definitely recommend her!
Patient reviewed on  October 4th, 2015
Dr. Kentia is absolutely amazing and is very educated. She explained everything in advance for me so there would be no shocks. She is very personable and I am looking forward to have her as my chiropractor.
Patient reviewed on  August 15th, 2015
Dr. Kentia Jean-Charles and other staff maintained incredibly professional and commendable amount of respect towards each other. Everyone adored and devoted towards what they were doing.
Patient reviewed on  June 20th, 2015
She's fantastic! She's very useful and well-informed and she takes time to explain what's happening as well as understand what's wrong. She is really eager to help and she takes time out of her schedule to be with her patients even after typical hours.
Patient reviewed on  April 19th, 2015
Dr. Jean-Charles is very thorough, well informative, and completely concerned with my healing process.
Patient reviewed on  March 28th, 2015
What a wonderful and Personable doctor! I have never been to a Dr. Kentia, chiropractor and I didn't know what to expect. The staff was lovely and warm. I would highly recommend to anyone!
Patient reviewed on  February 21st, 2015
Doctor Kentia was clear about what she wanted me to do, what she thought was going on with me and how I could take preventative measures so that my trouble would not become something chronic in the future. She has become my new idol and I am so thankful for this visit.
Patient reviewed on  December 26th, 2014
My visit was great. Dr. Charles is really able to assess not only issues with my back but get to the root of my back matters and solve them.
Patient reviewed on  August 19th, 2014
Dr. Jean is wonderful. She really listens to what her patients’ issues are with their bodies. Every time my friend and I visit NYC, we always plan several appointments with her. She is the best!
Patient reviewed on  April 22nd, 2014
She is passionate about her job and seems to really care about your well being. She does a great work because she puts 100% into it and she expects the same out of you.
Patient reviewed on  April 13th, 2014
Dr. Kentia is the best! She is patient, positive and I have seen wonderful results since I started coming to see her.
Patient reviewed on  December 23rd, 2013
Dr. Kentia Jean-Charles is a caring and experienced doctor. She saw me as an emergency patient who was in pain. I didn't wait for long to get seen.
Patient reviewed on  December 12th, 2013
Dr. Kentia Jean- Charles listens. She explains. It was a very good visit. The front desk and the physician were both very professional and put me at ease about my issue. Great!! Very nice office and staff. She's very informative in terms of treatment.
Patient reviewed on  July 16th, 2013
Dr. Jean-Charles is very warm and caring. She is positive and tires her best to make her patients feel better. Besides her demeanor, this doctor is great at what she does. She was able to locate the source of my pain and to relieve it. I am satisfy with the service here and will tell others about her.
Patient reviewed on  June 4th, 2013
If you are looking for a Chiropractor Glen Oaks, you should see Dr. Jean-Charles. She knows what she is doing and her techniques work great. I would recommend her.
Patient reviewed on  May 21st, 2013
My first visit with Dr. Jean-Charles was good. I am looking forward to seeing her again. She helped me so far and I feel much better. Thank you doctor!
Verified Patient reviewed on  April 17th, 2013
It is always a pleasure visiting doctor Jean-Charles. I saw her several times and she really helped.