Patient Reviews and Recommendations for Dr. Rehana Zaman, MD

Patient reviewed on  May 4th, 2014
I\'ve been coming to Dr Rehana Zaman for years. I will continue to visit her office.
Patient reviewed on  December 23rd, 2013
Dr.Rehana Zaman and the staff here were polite and nice. Would come back here again. I am a highly satisfied patient. I went to the office in pain and left feeling pain free.
Patient reviewed on  December 12th, 2013
Dr. Rehana Zaman is very friendly. Very experienced, professional. She deals with her patient very friendly. Her office have very calm environment. I will really recommend her.
Verified Patient reviewed on  July 17th, 2013
My office visit went well here, doctor and staff were great. The doctor spoke about my condition and give me specific details that would be helpful for me. She also answered all of my questions that I had. I left the office feeling better about my health.
Verified Patient reviewed on  May 14th, 2013
Great Kidney Doctor! She has many years of experience in her field and she is very friendly. I would highly recommend her.
Verified Patient reviewed on  December 21st, 2012
I was lucky to see her right before the holidays as an emergency patient. Her assistant was very helpful and polite when I called to book an appointment. The doctor knows a lot about her field and she treated me well. I would recommend this practice.
Verified Patient reviewed on  December 12th, 2012
This is a nice office in a great location. I always go to see Dr. Zaman after work. She is excellent. She treated me for UIT a couple of times and she taught me about prevention and staying healthy. I will continue seeing her and tell my friends about her
Verified Patient reviewed on  December 5th, 2012
Dr. Zaman was very thorough with me and she took her time. She did not rushed to finished. I had the time to any questions and address me concerns. She was good at informing me about my condition and a treatment plan.
Verified Patient reviewed on  November 8th, 2012
Dr. Zaman did a good job when she treated me for Kidney Stones. She did all tests and answered all of my questions. I like that she was serious. It made me feel better because I did not have to worry, I saw that she knows what she was doing.
Verified Patient reviewed on  November 2nd, 2012
Staff were very courteous, polite and friendly when I called the office to make an appointment. The doctor was the same also. She is also very knowledgeable and she spent quality time with me. I surprise I was not nervous or shy.
Verified Patient reviewed on  October 17th, 2012
Dr. Zaman has been treating me for Chronic Kidney Disease. She is positive and motivates me to stay strong. I am feeling better with her treatments and I look forward to seeing her again. I admire how her office is always clean and neat.
Verified Patient reviewed on  October 1st, 2012
She was very easy to talk to about my embarrassing infection symptoms. I felt comfortable and she was supportive. I like the office environment but I had to wait a little. I would recommend this specialist to my friends and family.
Verified Patient reviewed on  July 31st, 2012
It was a pleasant visit to this office for me. She was very polite and examine me well.
Verified Patient reviewed on  July 18th, 2012
I went for a check up and did she an effective examination and blood work. I will continue seeing her.
Verified Patient reviewed on  May 29th, 2012
Sweet and caring woman. She made sure she learn everything about my history. I would recommend her.
Verified Patient reviewed on  January 5th, 2012
She is a very experienced doctor who can make a very accurate and reliable diagnosis very quickly
Verified Patient reviewed on  January 3rd, 2012
Very nice doctor, helpful, very thorough, staff also is good.