Patient Reviews and Recommendations for Dr. Mohammad Zaman, MD, MBA, FCCP, FACP

Patient reviewed on  December 23rd, 2013
Dr.Mohammad Zaman is knowledgeable and knows what he is doing. The staff was caring and understanding too. I will continue seeing him.
Patient reviewed on  December 12th, 2013
This was my first visit with Dr. Mohammad Zaman. Everyone was super friendly and seemed genuinely interested in helping me. He was particularly great and it’s hard to find a good internist. Thanks DocChecker.
Verified Patient reviewed on  July 15th, 2013
When I spoke to Dr. Zaman i was pleased to know that he knows so much about my lung problem. I am under the doctor's care and taking meds. Overall the office visit went well. I will recommend this specialist.
Patient reviewed on  May 22nd, 2013
If you are looking for a good Lung Doctor then you should see Dr. Zaman. I am seeing him for care and treatments currently. I would say he is doing a good job treating my condition.
Verified Patient reviewed on  January 10th, 2013
What an informative doctor, this is very rare these days to find a doctor who cares and actually takes the time to explain sickness etc. The receptionist was friendly and helpful when I called to book my appointment as well.
Verified Patient reviewed on  December 20th, 2012
Seeing Dr. Zaman was worthwhile. I did not know that I had Pneumonia, I thought it was just cold and coughing. The doctor is smart and did a good job treating me. I am now feeling better thanks to Dr. Zaman.
Verified Patient reviewed on  December 18th, 2012
My first time here and I noticed that the staff are constantly cleaning and disinfecting the environment. I think it is great to see that doctor's staff are taking great measure to keep the office environment clean and bacteria free.
Verified Patient reviewed on  December 6th, 2012
Great medical practice. It is fully equipped with the latest the technology, it is cleaned, and well organized. The staff were all friendly and the doctor did a great job treating me. He spent almost an hour with me in the room.
Verified Patient reviewed on  November 21st, 2012
I am pleased with the service that I received at this medical practice when i went for Asthma treatments. The staff work well and they made me feel at ease. I was not nervous to share my symptoms. I will continue to see this doctor for Asthma.
Verified Patient reviewed on  November 9th, 2012
Dr. Zamana treated me for Pneumonia and he was very helpful. He was accurate with his diagnosis and gave helpful suggestions. His treatments work well and I am recovering. Waiting time was not bad, I just waited for about 10 mins.
Verified Patient reviewed on  October 18th, 2012
Great doctor Lung Doctor. I went to him for Bronchitis and he used the latest technology and equipment. His office is organized and from my observation he is a great leader. He works well with his staff. Everyone was professional and polite.
Verified Patient reviewed on  September 12th, 2012
Knowledgeable specialist. He helped my son with his Asthma and gave him the best treatment. He was very friendly and gave me and my son his full attention. I will continue taking my son to see Dr. Zaman.
Verified Patient reviewed on  August 15th, 2012
I like the flexible office hours and the easy booking system I received excellent service from this doctor
Verified Patient reviewed on  July 10th, 2012
Visit was excellent, everyone there was very mannerly and appreciated my presence.
Verified Patient reviewed on  July 1st, 2012
This is a wise doctor with a nice personality. Was a great experience going there.
Verified Patient reviewed on  June 18th, 2012
Excellent service, professional, caring staff and A well maintain office.
Verified Patient reviewed on  May 9th, 2012
I visit this doctor for the first time and I like that he spend time getting to know my health health history and did testing
Verified Patient reviewed on  March 8th, 2012
What an informative doctor this is very rare these days to find a doctor who cares and actually takes the time to explain sickness etc.
Verified Patient reviewed on  January 27th, 2012
knowledgeable, friendly, professional and good experience.