Patient Reviews and Recommendations for Dr. Jordan Zuckerman, MD

Patient reviewed on  December 19th, 2017
Dr Jordan is very knowledgeable and personable. All staff is efficient, courteous, and friendly. The equipment is up-to-date - high tech. I always feel that I am in good hands after visiting him.
Patient reviewed on  August 7th, 2017
Everyone is very cordial and professional, they're friendly, Very nice and fast.
Patient reviewed on  July 2nd, 2016
Dr. Jordan was very courteous and professional in answering my questions. He took care of my skin problems.
Patient reviewed on  June 10th, 2016
Dr. Jordan was pleasant, understanding, and comforting. His assistants were extremely professional and direct. I look forward to my return visit.
Patient reviewed on  March 28th, 2016
I would recommend Dr. Jordan anytime, he is friendly and cheerful, the staff are also wonderful, don't have any regret and wait time was short.
Patient reviewed on  January 13th, 2016
The staff was great and polite and Dr. Jordan himself was awesome. Thanks to the whole team, they are doing a wonderful job.
Patient reviewed on  October 10th, 2015
Dr. Zuckerman clarifies everything consummately. I am typically loaded with inquiries, however he is the main specialist so far that makes me agreeable and end with no inquiries after the session. I exceedingly prescribe him to everyone.
Patient reviewed on  September 3rd, 2015
My meeting with Dr. Zuckerman went easily. Dr. is extremely proficient and productive. He likewise prescribed another treatment for me to investigate, and meanwhile, he was not in rush.
Patient reviewed on  August 14th, 2015
Incredible specialist. Office was perfect and the receptionists were exceptionally agreeable and gave complimentary refreshments. Dr. Zuckerman is an awesome dermatologist. Much obliged to you for my visit today!
Patient reviewed on  July 5th, 2015
I went to this dermatology community for skin break out medicines. The cream Dr. Zuckerman recommended functioned admirably for my skin break out.Thanks Doctor!
Patient reviewed on  May 18th, 2015
Dr Zuckerman is well informed and all around educated Dermatologist. His supposition and treatment alternatives are precise. His staff is warm and inviting too.
Patient reviewed on  March 15th, 2015
Very prescribe. The specialist is a genuine expert, exceptionally mindful and genuine.
Patient reviewed on  January 23rd, 2015
Dr. Jordan Zuckerman gives great advice and my visit was so short and concise. The whole consultation was so informative and comfortable.
Patient reviewed on  November 29th, 2014
I met with Dr. Jordan Zuckerman for some skin infection problems. He diagnosed quickly and prescribed some effective medications for the treatment.
Patient reviewed on  November 9th, 2014
Dr. Jordan Zuckerman acted extremely entitled. All the office staff was very comical and contemptible.
Patient reviewed on  October 6th, 2014
Dr. Jordan Zuckerman is very intellectual. He replied me very thoughtfully when he was doing my acne treatment.
Patient reviewed on  September 29th, 2014
I had allergic reactions. Dr. Jordan Zuckerman asked me to evaluate the problem. All my problems were addressed and condition was treated in well manner.
Patient reviewed on  August 24th, 2014
Excellent services. The two employees along with the Dr. Jordan Zukerman handled us nicely. They made it possible to provide us the best services and there treatment is really helped me. At this point I'm all better.
Verified Patient reviewed on  May 4th, 2014
Second time here for check-up. Phoebe Tam is wonderful!
Patient reviewed on  March 9th, 2014
Dr. Jordan Zuckerman has best overall experience in his field. When the need will arise I will definitely go back to him.
Verified Patient reviewed on  July 25th, 2013
This dermatologist know so much about my skin condition and he gave me effective treatments. His assistant was also very helpful and took her time with me. I will be seeing this doctor again.
Patient reviewed on  June 7th, 2013
Good was a little busy but it was ok since I was an emergency patient. Staff were forward and professional.
Patient reviewed on  May 24th, 2013
First time patient here and I will be coming back. The doctor and his assistant were great. No complains!
Verified Patient reviewed on  May 15th, 2013
Very knowledge dermatologist...went to him for dark skin rashes that i had for ages. I saw two specialists's before and their treatments did not work. Dr. Zuckerman's was able to help me. His treatment is clearing up my skin. Hopefully this summer I will get to wear some nice tops.
Verified Patient reviewed on  March 18th, 2013
Good Dermatologist. I had to wait for a little but it was fine. The staff here were all focused and professionals
Verified Patient reviewed on  January 10th, 2013
Dr Zuckerman is an educated and well informed dermatologist. His opinion and treatment options are accurate. His receptionists are warm and friendly as well. Highly recommend seeing him!
Verified Patient reviewed on  December 20th, 2012
Seeing Dr. Zuckerman was effective. I went to him for excessive breakouts on my face. He gave me a facial wash and cream. After one week of using these products I noticed dramatic changes. I could now start wearing make up again. Thank you Dr. Zuckerman!
Verified Patient reviewed on  November 23rd, 2012
I saw this doctor or sensitive skin and breakouts. He gave me a Gentle Cleanser that works great on my sensitive skin and it removes my make-up easily.
Verified Patient reviewed on  November 19th, 2012
Everyone was on point and professional. My family has a history of skin caner so I decided to get skin cancer screening. The doctor was thorough, asked questions about my health history and he used the latest technologies.
Verified Patient reviewed on  October 26th, 2012
Nice office in Bayide Queens. The doctor and his staff used the latest technologies and equipment. I was seen in a about ten minutes of my arrival. The spent enough time in the room and treated my painful cysts.
Verified Patient reviewed on  October 16th, 2012
Dr. Zuckerman is highly qualified. He offered affordable prices for laser hair removal. At that time he had half off prices and that worked well for me.
Verified Patient reviewed on  September 28th, 2012
Doctor has a nice, modern and huge office. Everyone was professionally dressed. Office was busy but doctor still spent quality time with me.
Verified Patient reviewed on  August 1st, 2012
I had to wait for about 15 mins but it was worth while. Doctor is educated and his staff were all very friendly. I would recommend to my family and friends.
Patient reviewed on  July 18th, 2012
I like the assistant that was in the room. I was in pain and he understood. he tried her best to be gentle
Patient reviewed on  June 1st, 2012
I went to this dermatology center for acne treatments. The cream Dr. Zuckerman prescribed worked well for my acne. His assistant in the room was very nice. he took her time squeezing my blackheads. It felt a little discomfort but he did a good job.
Verified Patient reviewed on  March 8th, 2012
What an informative doctor this is very rare these days to find a doctor who cares and actually takes the time to explain sickness etc.
Verified Patient reviewed on  February 13th, 2012
Dr Zuckerman and is a educated and well informed Dermatologist. His opinion and treatment options are accurate. His staff is warm and friendly as well.
Verified Patient reviewed on  January 20th, 2012
Highly recommend. The doctor is a true professional, very attentive and serious