Patient Reviews and Recommendations for Dr. Arthur Feigenbaum, DMD

Patient reviewed on  January 19th, 2017
Patient reviewed on  December 13th, 2015
The first lady I met at Dr. Arthur Feigenbaum office’s front desk was very warm and acted like she had known me. All other staff was also pleasant and informed me of everything I needed to know throughout the dental procedure.
Patient reviewed on  September 7th, 2015
Staff was fantastic. First visit in years and the experience was a lot better than I thought it would be!
Patient reviewed on  July 14th, 2015
Dr. Arthur is the best. I have been coming to his office from few months now. Honestly if you want to see a fantastic, funny but very talented Dentist, then Dr. Arthur is your man.
Patient reviewed on  March 22nd, 2015
I had a great experience! I had avoided dentists for many years and I came in fearful but left laughing and happy. They are professional and explain everything thoroughly.
Patient reviewed on  January 10th, 2015
What a very nice staff! I have higher self esteem since I left the office.
Patient reviewed on  September 4th, 2014
Great, pretty timely and definitely the least traumatic teeth cleaning I have ever experienced. He is just the best. Dr. Arthur is honest, good and loves his job.
Patient reviewed on  June 2nd, 2014
When I visit Dr. Arthur’s clinic his dealing is great with me. He explains me everything where is problem and explain me why it happens and tell me about the treatment. He too tells me how to look after my teeth in future.
Patient reviewed on  April 14th, 2014
As soon as I visit Dr. Arthur’s clinic they immediately attend me and listen to my problem and gives me treatment. I am highly impressed by their dealing. I personally recommend this doctor.
Patient reviewed on  April 9th, 2014
Dr. Arthur had an emergency and was very apologetic about having to start our appointment late. New hygienist was much better than and not as rough as the previous person. Very clean office.
Patient reviewed on  February 18th, 2014
A friendly and professional environment. I loved the experience. Everybody had a smile and a polite word and the professional quality was excellent! I am very happy.
Patient reviewed on  January 18th, 2014
Dr. Arthur is professional dentist. He knows about everything in detail. It took very little time to understand the problem. His knowledge is very good about his work. Nice visiting his clinic.
Patient reviewed on  December 12th, 2013
I was very pleased. He was very informative and explained himself clearly. I think I've found a new Doctor. Thanks DocChecker
Patient reviewed on  November 14th, 2013
Dr. Arthur clinic is very hygienic and clean. The environment is pleasant. The staff is friendly; Dr. Arthur personally deals with patient. There attending to their patients is mind blowing.
Patient reviewed on  July 2nd, 2013
Excellent practice in forest hills, dentist was professional and straight forward. I like that dentist explained my procedure and the cost in detail before starting to work on my teeth. Would recommend to anyone who wants good service.